Paid Survey Sites – The Key to Making Money With Them

There is good money to be made in taking legitimate paid online surveys. Paid survey sites offer lists of survey makers to their membership and it’s easy to sign up and get started.

Paid online surveys are a big business on the Internet with thousands of surveys being made every week. Tens of thousands of survey participants are receiving checks in the mail or deposits into their PayPal accounts every month for surveys they have taken. There is money to be made here!

But not all survey makers offer legitimate paid online surveys and not all survey participants make money. Why is this?

Large companies negotiate with survey makers to make the surveys and get the market research information needed for their future planning. The survey makers are then responsible for finding a representative number of survey participants to take their surveys and provide the answers needed.

Some of these survey makers (about 20-25% of the total) pay their participants well, on time and as agreed. They respect their privacy and treat them in a responsible, professional manner. Consequently they have low turnover amongst their participants and have no problems with finding enough.

Others (the remaining 75-80%) underpay and mistreat their participants so they can keep more of the total survey fee being paid by the sponsor. They use “smoke and mirrors” pay plans with drawings and promises for the future instead of cash. As a result their survey participants get little or nothing.

Sometimes they even sell participants’ data to sales companies that bombard them with offers for unwanted merchandise.

As a result, these survey makers have high turnover, are constantly losing survey participants. They must hire recruiters and pay them high fees to recruit replacements.

To participate in paid online surveys, you will need to get your hands on a list of good survey makers to sign up with. The paid survey sites can provide these, but also you will find “free list” sites out there on the Net, loudly telling you not to pay for something that they will give you for free.

Anyone with a list to offer, whether a paid survey site or a “free” site, has only two ways to get paid. They get paid by membership fees or they get paid by recruitment fees. The “free” sites ONLY get paid by recruiting fees. The paid survey sites get paid by membership fees, but some also collect recruiting fees.

It is clear that, as a potential survey participant, you want to avoid the free lists of low-pay/no pay survey makers. But how can you find a paid survey site that is 100% on your side and will give you a good list of survey makers that only offer legitimate paid online surveys that really pay?

The key to sorting out the paid survey sites is to listen to the opinions of their present and past clients. You can see these opinions clearly expressed in the refund rates of these paid survey sites.

You should only deal with paid survey sites that have STRONG money-back guarantees backed up by a bank or financial company such as PayPal or ClickBank. Within this group, for which clients have the option of getting a refund if the paid survey site does not perform to their satisfaction, look at the refund rates.

Low refund rates mean happy clients that tried the list they got, made money and were satisfied with the value received for their membership fee. High refund rates mean many unhappy clients who did mot make money and are demanding their money back!

So pick a paid survey site with a low (3-6%) refund rate. Avoid any with refund rates that are either unknown (means high) or are as high as 9-10%.

When you pick your paid survey site, join up and get your copy of their list of pr

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68 Tips, Tricks and Things You Should Know About Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

Hello my name is Tim and I am a professional Paid Survey Taker. Over the last 2 years I have participated in hundreds of market research studies and have made a few bucks doing it. I always get weird looks when I tell people I take surveys as my part time job.

Taking paid surveys was not easy to get into, the first year I was searching for legitimate paid survey sites and learning the ropes. I signed up with over 600 sites that said they were legitimate surveys only to find that they were scams, spam or trying to sell me a list of online survey sites. I only ended up joining 10 legitimate sites.

Eventually I did more and more research and found over 300 legitimate market research sites that were worth joining. I then created a site devoted to just legitimate paid survey sites theguruseye and started helping others out, so they didn’t have to go through the same thing.

There are a few things that you should know about paid surveys before you decide to start taking surveys online. Here I will give you some of the tips and tricks about paid surveys that I have picked up. This first part of this article will outline some outlining information you will need to know.

Part I – Intro to paid surveys

1. First I would like to say that there are Legitimate Paid Surveys are out there. I personally take surveys for 47 paid survey sites.

2. Never pay a survey directory for information that is completely free on the internet. There are a lot of scams like this so watch out.

3. Just because a site is heavily advertised doesn’t mean it’s a good site too join.

4. Never pay to join a survey site, legitimate paid survey sites are free to join.

5. Some paid survey sites allow members as young as 13 years old.

6. Legitimate paid survey sites don’t advertise other survey sites.

7. Legitimate survey companies will not ask for your social security number.

8. Legitimate survey companies will not try to sell you products.

9. Legitimate survey companies will not ask you for your bank account number or credit card number.

10. Legitimate paid survey sites don’t send spam, just surveys and newsletters.

11. To spot a legitimate site you should look for the following logos. AMA, BBB, Castro.

12. Real survey sites have things like faqs, privacy policies on one the first pages or easily accessible.

13. Paid Survey Sites are actually Market Research Companies. These companies or conglomerates are very efficient at what they do.

14. Stay up to date with the news around you. Market research firms get assigned to new trends and topics, so if you can, watch or read the news everyday.

15. Taking paid surveys will not get you rich, however they will bring in some extra cash into your pocket at a rate better than most Americans make right now in a part time job (hour for hour).

16. Surveys can be taken at anytime day or night, from the convenience of anywhere nowadays with mobile technology, if you have time to kill and you have access to the internet. Do as the survey takers do.

17. Participating in Market Research for Paid Survey Sites will require you to divulge personal information. You will be protected if you join legitimate paid survey sites.

18. You will have to devote time to participate in surveys; I suggest you set aside 1 hour a day.

19. less known survey sites make you more money per survey, however; less know paid survey sites also don’t sent out that many surveys 1 per month maybe.

20. Legitimate paid survey sites never exaggerate claims. Most legitimate sites won’t even tell you how much you will make.

21. Remember if it sounds too good to be true than beware!

22. Still interested? Then continue to our next segment of 68 Paid Survey Tips and Tricks.

Part II – Setting up your accounts.

Setting up your accounts is very important; this will ensure everything goes smoothly. From getting paid quickly, completing your surveys and qualifying for them.

1. Get organized, it’s a pretty simple process. I have created this tutorial to set you up correctly.

2. First you need to decide a specific user name and password; it’s easier when all your log ins are one user name and one password, so you cant forget.

3. Get a new e-mail address though Gmail or Ymail they are free.

4. Go to Firefox website and download Mozilla, its free.

5. Get Roboform auto form filler, its free unless you want to upgrade (recommended after you get into the swing of things)

6. Setup your Roboform auto form filler ( use your information)

7. Create a folder on your tool bar (left click on the toolbar and select new folder) Name it as you see fit.

8. Now you need to figure out how many sites you are going to join. I recommend when first starting out joining 10 survey sites. Joining 10 survey sites will get you about 30 survey invitations per week.

9. Remember the more sites you join and take surveys for, the more money you will make.

10. Join your specific industry or other paid survey site like business people, opinion world business, or join the African American voice or Greenfield for Hispanic’s these panels pay a whole lot more.

11. Which sites do you join? Here is a reviewed list of paid survey sites.

12. Remember its quality sites you want to join, not garbage.

13. Join Survey Sites.

14. Some survey sites pay via PayPal . PayPal usually pays faster, if you want that set up the account.

15. Which ever sites you choose to join, when you are on their site click once on the tab and drag it to your folder and drop it in. Now you have access to your survey sites at a click of the button.

16. When you receive surveys set the sender as a contact, so the e-mails don’t end up in spam folders.

17. When you join a survey site most of the time they send out a conformation e-mail, definitely click on the link or else you account will not be active.

18. After you join the sites you will want to go back to them and fill out there profile questions, this will ensure that you don’t receive surveys that don’t pertain to you.

19. When you have completed the profile questions double check to make sure your address and contact information is correct. This will make sure that your checks come to you.

20. When you complete a survey you can attach a note on the invitation in your e-mail account that you have completed it and when.

21. After you start receiving e-mails from survey sites create a folde

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